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  1. It seen like you are looking for quiet alot of stuff.. I would suggest if you can go facebook to look for this group - Preloved. Join this group.. there are alot of people posted up their second hand stuff up there. Quiet cheap also... Maybe you can get some stuff there
  2. i heard all housing loan will come with a new loan rate.. I dun know is that KLIBOR or not.. but somehow.. they told me the new policy for the homeloan interests rate will be control by Bank Negara directly. it will be up to government to decide over the interests rate..
  3. MBSB personal loan interests rate only 3.99% I guess it is the lowest in town.. currently
  4. The Fonterra incident had make me worry about my kid now. cause all the while he is drinking Anmum milk... dun know will he affected with the bacteria. Someone told me it is safe, but still I am worry over this.. Anyway parents.. can Anmum milk can be drink ar?
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