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  1. I don't live in the same city as my MIL, however she had decided to come stay with us to qualify for her pension as she just reached retirement age a year ago. She has no return ticket to go home and has made no plans to leave, however the govt requires her to stay for 6 months within the year to qualify for pension. She has a house in this city but it is being rented out at the moment and she does not want to live in it as it would mean no rental money. I suggest to hubs that she should rental 2 of 3 rooms in her house to ease this situation, but he is reluctant to talk to his mother. How to I delicately maneuver myself out of this situation. I currently work from home and I'm finding it very difficult having her around with no end date. Is it selfish of me to want some space, after all it is our home not hers.
  2. Will you have your pre-wedding shoot at Penang or Kuching? :)

  3. Hi All, My FI and I live in NZ, and we are looking to have our wedding reception in both Penang and Kuching next year. Just looking for tips on where to start - venue, pre wedding photography, make up, etc. Can anyone help with a checklist of what we have to consider and recommendation from your experience? Thank you!
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