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  1. Hey girls, Thanks so much for the info! Yeah, I've been informed that the minimum is 70 tables too. Just hope that an amount over 70 tables won't make the ballroom feel too crowded! If you have any views on the other services offered in the wedding package (e.g wedding deco, pre-dinner service, hotel stay and facilities), that would be very helpful :) rs1608 - Yes, it would be great if I could have a copy of your menu, thanks so much!! I have a feeling that they would have adjusted the prices since the hotel's opening though :( Will send you an e-mail soon - thanks again! x
  2. Thank you so much for the info! ❤ Yeah, have been a bit worried about the food quality but am slightly more reassured now :) apparently they have JW Marriot's chef preparing the menu and from what I've heard, the food at Marriot is generally alright (for hotel food!) Would it be possible for you to share your menu selections and quote for the dinner at Majestic if you dont mind? They've sent me a list of food options to choose from which can produce a quite as high as RM2.6k or RM2.7k I'm told! :( Just a bit worried about cost *sigh* Do let me know if you're ok with that, thanks again! xoxo
  3. Hi BTBS, I've noticed not much has been said about the Majestic Hotel following the last post in this topic in Jan. Does anyone have any info on the venue or have had their wedding there recently? I'm thinking of booking Majestic for my wedding next year but was wondering what people's experience of the place has been so far (especially as the hotel is still relatively new). If anyone has any views about the food, services, cost etc., do let me know :) Thanks!
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