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  1. Hi Renny, do you need ampoules for your December pre-wedding shoot ? If you are interested, welcome to drop me a message. We offer you with the great price. Thanks.

  2. I've signed up with MOCO in Sept, choose my pre wedding photo gown in Oct for shooting in Dec ( next month ) , my advice is drop by and have a look at their gown. It is quite limited for their evening gown. Another thing that disappointed me is their service, I wish to change one of my pre-wedding photo gown on the same day , after I reached home and digest the photo my bro took , less than 4 hours after I left their shop, but being rejected, according to them there is a charge of RM 150 for change the gown with the reason we had booked the gown just for u. So to the bride out there if you had signed up with MOCO, once you choose and step out their shop, you have to pay to change your gown even though it is few months away from your selected date. Another thing is, they told us, we are not allow to bring Friend or family along during our pre wedding shoot, I am not sure it goes the same with other bridal shops.
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