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  1. That's a very tough situation. All I can recommend is talking it over with your husband and emphasizing that you are concerned about your child's safety with all the electrical stuff.
  2. For boys, definitely carrying the ring if possible. For girls, "flower girl" is the appropriate role.
  3. These days, both the husband and wife should help around the house. Both are bad.
  4. If this is your first time abroad, you should be extra excited! There's lots to do in Thailand on a honeymoon, from staying in a romantic villa or hut on the beach and relaxing there, to visiting historic sites and experiencing the Bangkok urban life.
  5. Hi Lady Chiu, do you need ampoules for your pre-wedding shoot? We can save for you. If you are interested, welcome to drop me a message for more details. Thanks.

  6. Have you considered leaving your phone at home and just focusing on the honeymoon? Perhaps you need it for work, etc, but if not, just focus on having fun and enjoying the company of your new spouse. You'll be glad you did!
  7. So beautiful, thank you for sharing those photos! I miss Santorini dearly and would love to return for my honeymoon.
  8. I have been to Mediterranean islands (Santorini, Mycanos, etc.) but never in South Pacific (except Singapore, lol!) Bora Bora looks very nice but as others have said, the cost is huge for such a small place to visit!
  9. Good recommendation! I travelled in Greece years ago and the islands were beautiful. I am thinking of Greek or Italian islands for my honeymoon...
  10. I'm not far from there and would also like some recommended make-up artists. Thank you all!
  11. Try and get help from your parents and your bride's parents. You don't want to start your newlywed life off with a bunch of debt from the wedding, if possible. You can also consider cutting down costs by having a smaller wedding, or one in a less fancy venue.
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