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  1. Can all the photographer PM me too your charges and contact detail ? Thanks. Wanted a photog on 28 and 29 Nov 2014 :)
  2. Are they the same among Pudu (Low Yew ?), SS2 & where else ? How's their service and package like ?
  3. Tumpang topic abit. I am able to secured a restaurant's room to have a private wedding dinner (4-5 tables) with immediate family and close friend. I am just wondering, CAN I ask the restaurant to deco the room bit (well no stage, no entertainment etc but i just like the table, and surrounding to deco bit). I also wonder possible to have a guest book signature area (better outside the room or inside the room ?)
  4. Am looking for MakeUp & Hairdo Artist at end of Nov. Day 1 (Friday) : MakeUp & Hairdo from KL home or hotel in morning > follow us to JPN Putrajaya (for touch up etc) - all this happen is morning between 7am - 12pm Day 2 (Saturday) : MakeUp & Hairdo from KL home or hotel in evening > We will have simply (few tables only) dinner with family members and close friends I am looking at around Rm300-500 budget for two day simple task. Please PM me to discuss further.
  5. anyone know how big their room is ? Can fit how many ppl
  6. Ya pls share your contact with me on the photographer.
  7. I am from KL and looking for do a 'nature' theme pre-wedding photos in PG. I can only do over the weekend from July till end of Aug time frame If anyone of you are from PG and have your showcase, please do PM me with details of your package. * I don't need alot images and alot album. A 10-20 pages max images will do.
  8. Please Pm me with full detail.
  9. Anyone have the image of the room as in size how big , what kinda of deco is inside ? Reason i ask is that i might have 20-40 friends from oversea to witness my ROM in JPN with my other half Malaysian partner....(we won't be doing dinner ceremony, so this session will be very memorable for me Also during the 'speech' - i dunno what to call that, aside from english and malay...can i also do in other languages ? Last, how long usually the entire session will take ?
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