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    De Paris Image Sdn Bhd (Jalan Loke Yew)
    Hi Guys,

    Did anyone sign up to De Paris recently?
    I meant 2013 till current date, since i had viewed a lot of bad comments but it was long long time ago.

    I'd like to inquire and ask for more details regarding the local shooting and their services in current period.
    As mentioned by P.I.C of Taiwan Branch (who i met during wedding fair), they are just change local managers to Taiwan staffs due to there has bad records and comments from past years.

    By this "new" arrangement for local staffs organization are intended to bring up a new image and branding of De Paris. (Although i was wondering whether it's real.)

    Looking forward to all couples or anyone who are in the stage to have marriage, please share and comment on it for references.

    Thanks Everyone~!
    [sharing is Caring]
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