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    WTS: Part Time Income - Sales + Comission
    Hello kawan-kawan,
    Ping me/PM me ... if interested to explore an easy to do part-time business opportunity.

    Low Start up Capital:
    > only RM 90

    Job Description:
    > Sales Referral and earn good commission.

    More Information:
    >Product: Will let you know the details if you reply to this with interest and give summary intro on your background.

    >But I can give you a sample analogy of how it works:
    If I am a car salesman and I sold you a car, I get commission on the car I sold to you. $YAY!$
    However In this business; what if I also sold you the petrol for your car and I can also make commission for life$double YAY!$ - think about it !

    This business is:
    . Legal
    . Easy to do and duplicate
    . Everyday can use product by all Malaysian, all ages as long as above 12
    . Good Commission
    . We don’t even have to meet up (maybe once to pass you the stuff)
    . Open to Legal Foreigners with Passport
    . Non-MLM
    . Unlimited income, our top sales guy is earning RM300K/month, still growing ...

    Let me know, lets grow together... TQ.

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