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  1. Hi everyone, I realize this topic hasn't had much traffic since early Feb. But just wondering (seeing as the SDCC doesn't give out package info on the website), what is the minimum requirement for the amount of pax? Having trouble finding a place (KL/PJ chinese restaurant, nice food and ambiance and flexibility as I am inviting Muslim guests) I'm wondering if my pax of 250 will be enough to let me make a booking. So far, what you all have said seem to be rather positive about SDCC so it is something to consider at the moment, even if the food has been a hit or miss. Thanks everyone!
  2. Mainly in the KL and PJ area if possible. Not wanting to go out to areas like Putrajaya or Cyberjaya. Have relatives that are slightly restricted to wheel chair friendly venues. So their comfort is a priority. Thank you for replying!!! You have definitely made my day!
  3. Hi ladies, Not sure if I'll get many/any replies, but I'm trying my luck. :) I'm looking for a reception venue to fit about 250 people max. It definitely not hit 300 guests. Preferably a good hotel/function room with a good Chinese restaurant without too many pillars with a halal option so that my Malay guests can be comfortable and catered to. It's hard when most hotels and etc only offer minimum of 300 pax for booking. Looking for a place for August 2015. Budget is about RM1000-1200 per table. If anyone has any recommendations, this would greatly help. Thank you!
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