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  1. the price is quite affordable, 100Mbps only RM149, some more unlimited quota. probably will go for this plan.
  2. i heard recently, my course mate is using, she said the speed is very fast. she recommend me too. but what is the price for the new package? i prefer other company than TM,because TM is quite expensive.
  3. can anyone share your experience about internet that you are using? i want the internet with fast speed, of course the price is affordable. any suggestion?
  4. plan to get a new smartphone after chinese new year.. but i have budget for the new smartphone.. anyone know where to get the affordable deal for smarphone with bundle package?or either 1 telco having promotion for smartphone? please share with me,thanks!!!
  5. I had heard that iPhone 6/6+ with 64GB/ 128GB had out of stock since last week…some of the apple fan even travel to the nearby states to find iPhone 6/6+ But luckilly I able to get it few days ago after my friend working in the Blue Cube Outlet help me to purchase after he found out that their outlet still have stock.. Maybe you can try ur luck at your nearby outlet cz as I know this news had not been spread yet..so faster take action..haha i not sure blue cube still got stock for iphone6,i will go to the outlet to check. nurulazzin,thx for your info..
  6. What a bad day!!i go to telco company to buy iphone6 just now,however they told me there are no stock available for now.i am so disappointed as I already promised my son will get him a iphone6 if he get a excellent result.
  7. had heard about 0.02mm toothbrush but not sure if it really helps cz u won't get immediate effect so tried for few months and share with us how is it...planning to get one myself
  8. why not u register for the UK education exhibition? i think it is a good way to help you clear all your doubts! it will be held at KLCC hall 4 on 8th and 9th Nov. there will be 2 expert in Animation and Game Design to give their talk which is Hugo Sands and Ian Livingstone on 8th of Nov at 1.15pm. it is the course that your son is interested in! besides the expert talk, there is also a seminar for course such as Architecture, Business, Mass Communication. maybe u can collect more details, more choices for your son also. for more can check out here la : http://www.educationuk.org/malaysia/articles/education-uk-malaysia-exhibition-2014/ the seminar seems to be very useful and helpful for me and my son. i will attend the seminar together with my son and my husband at 8/11/14. thanks for your info!
  9. hi,my son is interested in studying animation and game design after his graduate from high school,he will graduate end of this year. i have to start to plan now as it's going to be very fast to year end. i want to gather more information and plan ahead whether to send my son oversea. any recommend?
  10. i also can share some info with everyone,this is a really good news and important info for pregnant lady. http://southernlion.com.my/en/product/tips_hypersensitivity_during_pregnancy.html this website mentioned that more than 60% of lady in malaysia is suffer from sensitive teeth and bleeding gums during pregnancy and also how to take care the oral care during pregnancy. other than that, this website also recommend pregnant mother to change the ordinary toothbrush to softer toothbrush to brush teeth during pregnancy, you can sign up for a free toothbrush in this website if you are a pregnant lady or u have a not more than 1 yr old baby. you can also introduce some of your frens who pregnant to sign up for the free toothbrush as it is free.
  11. i am pregnant also, faced the totally same situation wit u. i feel worried and visited my dentist and get advise from him. he suggested me to use softer bristles tooth brush and right way to brush my teeth gently. he recommended me Systema Sensitive toothbrush, i tried and is really good, my gum no more bleeding and the 0.02mm bristles is nice, can help to brush my teeth clean. maybe you can have a try on it!
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