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  1. Went to Bone & Pot 2 days ago for my dinner (they're only open for dinners) and it was good. All fresh stuffs and some are imported from Hong Kong. The steamboat broth was really good, boiled with big pieces of pork bones and radishes. Non of those MSG chicken cube soup. I love the tomyam broth though..very spicy and sour! But all good things come with a price. The food is a bit pricey. But 6 of us went and we ordered imported sea urchin balls, beer, fruit juice and the bill came to RM204. Still ok la.
  2. peipei

    Fluene's Twins

    Fluene, It's been ages since I've logged into MB and so happy to see your twin girls growing so well. Congrats!
  3. peipei

    Book Case

    Hb and I almost bought the Billy bookcase but it's not sturdy enough. The bookcase must be drilled to the wall to avoid it from collapsing forward should it be top-heavy or someone goes and rattle it. We have a 2 yr old daughter so not taking the risk. We finally got a bookcase from Red Apple during a sale. RM890. Red Apple Puchong branch having sale now.
  4. Koochie, I just finished reading this thread and I can understand your feelings. I was like you too, I wanted to wait a year after marriage so that we can spend some time being a married couple. But I accidentally got pregnant right after my wedding. I was 35 then so Koochie..30 is not too old to start having a baby. Except for the initial few months of evening sickness and bloating, my pregnancy was trouble-free and I was a happy mommy-to-be. For your info, I worked till the day I gave birth. But I was not happy when I found out I was pregnant. I was still not ready to have a baby, but my hb was overjoyed. But God taught me a lesson to appreciate and be grateful for what I have. Regardless of what I have written above, one has to be ready to have a baby bfore starting to conceive. Your hb may be dying to have a baby but if you're not ready, he shouldnt force you. If you're not ready, you're just not ready! Dont have a baby just to please your hb, your MIL & family or just because age is catching up with you. Cos like what you wrote bfore, you are the one that will have to carry the baby for 9 months and also suffer all the nausea, etc. And in the end, no matter what your hb says now, the responsibility of taking care of your baby will eventually fall back to you. I can tell you..after I had my daughter, I gave up my freedom, my social life, my lifestyle etc. I havent been for a facial in 18 months! But I gave birth to her and Im her mom. She's now here and I have to care and love her in the best possible way that I can. I see some girls getting pregnant when they're not ready to accept the responsibility. Then they dump their babies on their moms or MILs and go out partying like they're still singles. Isnt that even worse? There's this 2yr old boy that I know whose parents left him with the grandparents. The grandparents own a restaurant so the poor boy is taken care by the Indo maid. Im not sure where his parents are, they hardly visit him. So Koochie, I see you as a very mature person, you know you're not ready for the heavy responsibility yet and would like to wait bfore bringing an innocent life into this world. Im sure you're going to be a great mom 1 day
  5. Buds' baby products. Buds' Mozzie Clear Lotion for prevention and if your baby is bitten, you can try Buds' First Aid Lotion. Apply the First Aid Lotion immediately and keep applying when it's rubbed off or after a bath. You will notice that there wont be much swelling. Works wonder on my gal. http://www.budsbaby.com/index.html
  6. I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy and confinement period. Although I lost weight since then, I have yet to be able to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes. My hips have expanded and I have a muffin top now. I doubt I could ever fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes..ever! And another thing that's depressing is that my feet has also gone bigger. I used to wear a size 7 and now I wear a size 8. Just few days ago, I walked into Vincci and tried on some heels. Wah seh..I couldnt jam my big broad feet into the heels. I felt like Cinderella's ugly stepsister trying on the glass slippers. Needless to say I walked out without buying anything.
  7. I accidentally bought similar items online and would like to sell off these 2 pairs of jeans. These are Nissen brand lacey jeans for toddler girls and extremely cute. My gal is wearing a pair now. RM35 per pair, not inclusive of postage.
  8. Mable, You have a very beautiful baby girl. I like that last solo photo of her, on your post #58. You should develop and frame it up.
  9. I went last year and there was really nothing much to buy or see. There were not many participants. And the things that are there are not good bargains or cheap either. In fact, I could get better bargains at Jusco sale. And they placed the booths too close together, I couldnt maneuver my stroller around the area. The aisles were narrow and packed with people. There was a huge empty space in the middle, why didnt they place the booths further apart and with bigger walkway?
  10. Just read the good news!! Congratulations Fluene!!
  11. Fluene, the same thing happened to my fren too. Her cervix dilated at 30 weeks and she had to stay in the hospital till she gives birth. And it happened to her for both her 1st and 2nd child. Her gals are now 6 and 2 1/2 years old. We will all pray for you, take care!
  12. Congrats Mabel on joining the MB mummyclub!
  13. yahiko, Please look the pics of Amber Court and the comments at the bottom of the pictures bfore booking at Amber Court. http://angelanpg.wordpress.com/2007/10/01/...ting-highlands/ http://joshuaongys.blogspot.com/2007/07/st...rt-genting.html
  14. Christine, she's really very cute and her expression is priceless! YY and I voted for her yesterday! We hope she wins!
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