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  1. Cheras Prime Location @ Newly Launched Serviced Residence. Get up to 12% rebates (Soho units) & Huge Discounts. FREEHOLD : Type C @ 486 sq.ft (From RM288,000.00)0% DownpaymentBooking Fee: RM3,000 onlyFully Furnished SOHO Units with FREE full set electrical items, lightings & 2.0hp Air-conditionerFree 1 Year Maintenance FeesFree S&P, Legal Fees, Disbursement & Stamping FeesOptional for Bare Unit @ Reimbursement upto RM40,000.00 upon CF & Key Hand-overCall: Claire - 018-267 9133 for Showroom viewing FREE HOLD : 3 Room, 2 Bath - Type A @ 951 sq.ft., Type B @ 1,114 sq.ft Bare Unit (Unfurnish)Free 3 units Air-ConditionerFree 2 carpark lotsFree 1 Year Maintenance FeesFree S&P, Legal Fees, Disbursement & Stamping FeesCall: Claire - 018-267 9133 for Showroom viewing
  2. Life is so great when God is there to protect, shower us with all his blessings... Praise The Lord... *Amen*

  3. Hello ladies... Before I start my mobile home facial, I would like to check with all of your views and opinions, what would you think about this service. Provided widely at Mont Kiara, Sri Hartamas, Bangsar, Puchong, Sunway, Damansara Heights, Klang Valley... Anywhere further, will be discussed upon request. You can see my recent photo here... I am already 40 this year... so now only start my own business.. hahahaha. This Mobile Home Facial - is for those of you who don't have time to travel to the Beauty Salon, and this provides you with lots of convenience for not leaving the comfort of your own home. Besides the facial services which provides make-up cleaning, cleanser, serum, face mask & moisturiser, you will also get Hand Wax spa, Back Body Fruit Scrub, or Honey Oats, and other spa treats ... If you have a bath tub / jacuzzi at home, you will also have the luxury of having a great bath bomb therapy... yes.. I said Bomb... this provides very beautiful aromatherapy with flowers as well.. (soon to be included after I have well established the home spa - based on majority requests) Products being used are advanced high technology products from United States of America... After 3 months usage - grow 40% collagen, after 6 months use - grow 70% collagen... between 3 - 6 months - you will look 10 to 15 years younger... with proven clinical results... Let me know your thoughts... how I could serve you better before I start... Any suggestions will be a blessing.... Home visits also available on weekends including public holidays but with RM30.00 extra surcharge. Prices are not set yet but I assure it is reasonable and worth your try. You can call me at 011-27181838.. if you are interested... Take Care Ya.... Hope to receive great feedback from all... May the Lord bless all of you and your family with lots of love, happiness, success & good health always.. *Amen*
  4. Hi All, If you have a Property Loan now, you can shorten 50% of your Loan Tenure & Save 50% on your Loan Interest. For example, if you have a new loan of 30 years, you can shorten it to 15 years / 20 years to 10 years / 10 years to 5 years. And You save a lot on your loan interest. BLR Management helps to provide you a Save Interest Plan (SIP) to fully manage your loan interest thus, providing you a 99% Guarantee to shorten your existing loan tenure to HALF & You also save your interest at 50%. (Maintain the same loan account with the same bank without alteration to your bank's terms & conditions) This SIP services is applicable for your current property loans of any package - Fixed Loan, Flexi Loan, Term Loan, Islamic Loan (Conventional / Modern), MBSB Loan, and Refinanced Loan @ Including KLIBOR Loans Make an appointment to see me for a FREE LOAN ANALYSIS - with your Bank Loan Letter Offer & Latest Bank Loan Statement. You will then be able to know how much you can save on interest & also reducing the risk factors in your current housing loan. Why pay more than you should on interest. When BLR Increase in interest, it will be a cause of worry, as it will automatically extend your loan tenure resulting in more money being paid unnecessarily. If you can save more than RM100,000 and invest these money into your new baby or new family / children's education.. Why waste it... After all it's your hard earned money... So If you want us to help you to SAVE Your Money from long loan tenures & unnecessary interest... Call me now... SIP Services are fully protected by BAFIA Act under Bank Negara Malaysia - hence you can be rest assured Security & Confidentiality is well assured. You will be glad you did... You can contact me at: 011-2718 1838. Regards Claire Your Advisory Officer
  5. Hi Irwint, Can you call me at 011-27181838? My name is Claire... I would like to discuss with you on property and what you could offer to your clients with an additional value added service. Thanks ya
  6. Any brides to be would like to buy these beautiful set of necklace & clip on earrings... Beautiful match with white bridal gowns like above design. Purchase at RM1,988 but now selling at RM900.00 only (BEST PRICE) Never wear before, just buy for keepsake. Still very new.. Call me at 011-27181838 if interested to purchase (Claire)
  7. sorry...Tumpang article ya... With the above beautiful red evening gown.. I also have one full set of beautiful Red Ruby & Cubic Zirconia Jewelry set comes with Necklace & a pair of Clipped on earrings for sale too.. never wear before... Bought for RM1,988 now Selling at only RM900.00. Please call me at 011-27181838 (Claire) for photo.
  8. Hi All, I have this beautiful set of Jewelry want to sell at best price.. Never wear before, and still very new. With receipt as well. It's coated with Silver & Palladium, full setting with Cubic Zirconia & Red Ruby stones.. Comes in a set of Necklace & a pair of clipped on earrings. Beautiful match with White Bridal Gown or even for your evening gown during wedding dinner. I bought it for RM1,988/- (as per receipt) & NOW SELLING at a reasonable open price Comes with a beautiful velvet inner lay Silver jewelry casing. View Enclosed photos... Call me at 011-27181838 if interested... Thanks.
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