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  1. Thank you momentspix and yueqinchan for the information :) Will continue on my search... my friends gave a few recommendation on restaurants: grand straits garden new cathay peking restaurant will try to contact them.
  2. Oh, and most importantly, I would like to host my wedding on a weekend. I am also worried by venue availability of most restaurants >.<
  3. Dear Brides, I am looking for venue to cater for a small wedding with approximately 40 guest in Johor area in Dec 2014. We are considering: - Renting a pretty Guesthouse (something like seapark brick house) for short term rent and host a BBQ session (which house and which BBQ caterer?) - Chinese restaurant (with good ambience and good food) - Korean BBQ restaurant with good ambience (and can book the whole place) - Poolside banquet It has to be elderly friendly as I have a grandma who is very old. I am unfamiliar with the place as both of us do not stay in JB. And am also very very lost on where to start. Really appreciate any opinions and help!! Thank you!
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