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  1. Just sharing a funny quiz to check your man's personality. If he chooses a Ferrari for wedding car, he is a...? Check here: http://blog.recomn.com/type-man-marrying-based-choice-wedding-car/
  2. Lost of people are opting for not just a garden wedding, but a forest wedding. Luckily, it's possible to do that in Malaysia, especially in Pahang. Here are some nice places: http://blog.recomn.com/malaysia-enchanted-forest-wedding-ceremony/?hvid=2tk2uH
  3. Hi Daniel, yup Enderong looks awesome. As for location being hard to find, yah you mentioned that about Gita Bayu too. What to do... the couple wants an intimate location, so that's what they get :)
  4. If you're looking for more rustic / greenery, maybe can try various locations in Janda Baik? We listed a few here. http://blog.recomn.com/malaysia-enchanted-forest-wedding-ceremony/
  5. Hi everyone, when I was doing my kitchen, I tried out these six free tools online. They let you draw your floor plan, add kitchen cabinets, countertops, etc, and then turn it into a 3D photo that you can give your contractor. But is it worth the time? And can it replace an interior designer? I try to find out. http://blog.recomn.com/design-kitchen-free-online/ Enjoy!
  6. I visited the websites and FB pages of many of the photographers listed here. There are some very nice places to take wedding photos in Malaysia! Instead of flying to Australia, how about Sekinchan, Selangor? See what I found: http://blog.recomn.com/19-wedding-photos-wont-believe-taken-malaysia/ Enjoy!
  7. Can you tell what sort of man you are marrying, based on his choice of wedding car? This will help: http://blog.recomn.com/type-man-marrying-based-choice-wedding-car/
  8. My pleasure! You can also find part II here: http://blog.recomn.com/planning-wedding-10-important-tips-brides-part-ii/ Since then, we have also written some other interesting topics: How to choose a renovation contractor: http://blog.recomn.com/choose-renovation-contractor/ Who you need to hire when you renovate: http://blog.recomn.com/infographic-who-you-need-renovation-project/ How to choose a wedding dress style that suits you perfectly: http://blog.recomn.com/popular-wedding-gown-styles-malaysia/ Basically if you're getting married or a homeowner, please drop by http://www.recomn.com to get personalised recommendations for services like plumbers, interior designers, etc.
  9. Hi everyone, I am new here :) I just wanted to share a blog article that we wrote recently. We spoke to several brides who had their wedding in KL and Singapore, and asked them what were their most important lessons when it comes to planning wedding. Some of the responses were quite surprising, but very useful. Just sharing here. Hope it's useful to you for your big day! http://blog.recomn.com/our-brides-share-10-important-lessons-for-the-perfect-wedding-day-part-i/ Alex
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