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  1. Hi All, I have to let go my makeup artist due to unforeseen circumstances. I engaged Yen Bridal makeup as my makeup artist and i paid RM300 (deposit) - my total package is RM900, i would like to sell this package at RM150, anyone interested, you just have to pay RM150 to me, and pay the balance to YEN. The actual wedding date should be within 6 months from January 2015 - July 2015. Please PM me if you are interested at fluffymars@gmail.com Thank you
  2. Hi, I just followed your instagram....do you have a website where i can view bridemaid dresses? i am looking for a MINT bridesmaid dresses and i need 4 pcs. Please email me if you do have something in line... fluffymars@gmail.com
  3. Hello Gals, Just a quick question, when we pay MUA for trial makeup example RM150, what should i be expecting out of the trial makeup?
  4. Hello MBF, I know this post may sound too soon, but i would like your input on any good location (outdoor) for pre-wedding photoshoot. My photo shoot will be happening this coming December, so i am actually worried that it would rain on the day itself. I don't have a theme in mind yet, but i do need some ideas on where is a good location to take those photos. You can PM at fluffymars@gmail.com Thank you
  5. Hi Amwed, Can you drop me your quotations at fluffymars@gmail.com? Thanks!
  6. Hi Wendy, Stratosphere is a really nice venue if you want to do your ROM there in the morning. But at night you can also book it for your after party, where you can hang ou with friends with a view :)
  7. Hello MBF, I am currently looking out for a photographer for my actual day wedding happening next year July in Petaling Jaya. Any good photographers who are interested please feel free to email me at fluffymars@gmail.com Thank you
  8. Hello! I just signed up a package with Touch. i've heard a lot of horror stories about bridal shops and non the less TOUCH is really famous for negative comments. i have not gone through the fitting yet, so i can't comment much about their services. But i think, don't listen or read too many negative comments, because there is always two side of a story to be heard. i guess every bridal shop has flaws (no on is perfect). i am going in with a positive mind and i hope all is smooth! good luck to you :)
  9. Hi, Please PM me your actual day cost - fluffymars@gmail.com
  10. hi princess, do u need ampoules for ur pre-wedding shoot? we do supply ampoules at reasonable price..welcome to drop me a message..thx

    1. princesschinadoll


      Hello, how much is reasonable?

    2. BeautySecret


      Our price is RM 53 for 5 vials (for East & West Malaysia).

  11. Dear princesschinadoll. That is just human nature I guess. Especially if you are dealing with just their sales person. Things will change if you deal with the owner himself I guess. Which I think is quite difficult with this kind of organization. But who knows, things might not be so bad as you thought it will be. Oh yes, they can provide you what ever you want. The matter is how much. And its normally the case of everything is "can" before signing and "oh sorry we can't" after signing. In my past experience, I just found out that other bridal house will throw in a Family Portrait photo shooting if you sign up with their pre wedding package. But unfortunately I found out a bit too late after signing up. And just asking to try luck, the only thing they said is, Oh, you should ask us before signing up. In my mind I was thinking, you could have told me that before we sign up. But that is just one bridal house. Not sure about the others so cannot judge that all are bad. About poses, normally their photographer will assist on the posing. Whether on how they assist you is another story. Gentle voice with lots of patience or harsh and frustrated voice. Some didn't even give you any chance to have you own posses. All directed by them. Some will let you do your stuff and will only interfere when you need help. I guess photographer are humans too. They have mood swing too. And also they are just doing their job. Again, unless you can find a photographer which is the owner himself. Things might be a lot of difference. Or, you can try to save some nice posses that you like on your phone. Use it as a reference or easier to communicate with the photographer, but only if he is interested to do so. About the spending, it all really depends on both of you. If you can afford the best, why not. But if you think you rather spend the budget on something more meaningful like a nice honeymoon vacation, then is your choice to spend it your way. Most people I know just looked at their pre wedding photos on the day they receive it and after the wedding, it would be tuck away under the bed until God knows. But hey, if you have the budget, by all means, go for the best. There is no right or wrong. Plenty of chances. You can also have a post wedding photography in future with your little ones which I think is more meaningful. I can't comment on the two bridal house that you have narrowed down. No experience with them. But I guess you can just spent more time there to get to know the people and the business nature. Cheers and wish everything will be smooth as silk for your wedding planning. Hello Flamephotography, Yes it is definitely an experience finding the right bridal shop to work with. It is indeed a scary experience when i read a plentiful of negative reviews and bad experienve with the bridal shop around ss2 area. But by all means, i think i would be so stress up about it as i just want to enjoy the once in a lifetime experience. Thank you so much for your input! :) Dear princesschinadoll. Sure. No problem at all. Just be sure to enjoy the process and not to stress to much. It affects your health and relationship too. Just remember that this is just a small part of your marriage life. After this you will need to worry about your actual wedding day planning, children planning, education, finance and other sorts of stuff. So just chill. Cheers and wishing you a wonderful and blessed marriage ahead. Hi Flamephotography, Thank you for your wise words. Any chance if you have a contact for make up atist, photographer & videographer for actual day wedding? I am in a look out for one now. THank you Dear princesschinadoll. Sure. May I know what is your budget? Perhaps your could provide me your email? Will do our best to advise you on this matter. Cheers and chill. Hi Flamephotography, I am not sure on the market price for photographers so i dare not say my budget. but i would not want to go up to RM1,800. The lower the better :)
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