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  1. Shoes are one of many women's weaknesses. And I would be lying if it wasn't one of mines as well. The urge to buy a new pair of cute heels on sale can be so irresistible for most woman and financially dangerous for their men. So for this week's tips, I've decided to share the fun side of saving up and giving those worn out shoes of yours a makeover. This can be another tip for brides on a budget and still achieve fantastic looks for themselves or their bridesmaid. Now here is all you need:- A pair of wearable heels of your choice Scissors Adhesive glue with glue gun / Fabric glue 1/2 meter of plain colored stretchable lace of your choice / old brooches / fabric flower / buttons or any beads and colored stones. For this project I will be making a pair of bridesmaid shoes using a pair of my old high heels from Nose in fuchsia with plain black stretchable lace and a bottle of fabric glue. We start with cleaning the surface of the shoes with a damp cloth to make sure no dirt sticks to it. Then decide on how much to cover up the surface of the shoes with the lace. Since my shoes has seen its days, I will be covering up the entire shoes with the lace. As hot glue can be quite a mess and we would be working with a lot of fabric, I'll be using fabric glue instead as it is easy to work with and cleaning up any messes. Go ahead and glue bits by bits of the back part of the lace and align it slowly on the surface of the shoe before the glue dries up. All of the materials only cost me not more then RM30.00. and now I added a new look to my shoes, save money and space on new ones. Have a go with it and save up ladies. Email - info@myintimateaffairs.com Instagram - intimateaffairsevents
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