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  1. fraid added a topic in Bridal Shops & Bridal Boutiques - Johor Bahru   

    Who knows Fannybrides
    Want to find a reputable wedding dress supplier which can provide custom wedding dress, and found this website called Fannybrides, seems a Chinese wedding dress factory, but don't know if they can make high quality dress. However, I have read some negotive feedback about Chinese suppliers, so what should I do? really need to buy one on line.
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  2. fraid added a topic in Shopping and Fashion   

    which online bridal shop is good?
    Have a tight budget on wedding dress, so want to buy one on line, do you guys have any advices? I have taken one day to searhcing for the reputable online store, and found one called Sposadress, and really like their dresses, the price is also great for me. But I don't know them, and haven't buy anything from them. Is it legal?
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  3. fraid added a topic in Shopping and Fashion   

    What You Need to Plan for Your Homecoming Dress
    Homecoming season is coming, and you don’t have to be afraid of spending hours upon hours trying on sparkly heaps of ruched fabric. If you know which dresses are right for you, it should take no more than three and a half hours to find your perfect short homecoming dress(! Here are some things you should do before purchasing the homecoming dress.

    Set a budget in advance if you have no much money. It will be helpful for you to set a budget, and as the students, you need to make a plan and write down what you need to pay for.
    Research current prom dress trends: While clothing trends often shift every season, dress trends tend to hang around for several years. A tell-tale sign of up-and-coming formalwear trends is to check out celebrities' red carpet appearances for award ceremonies like the Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globes.
    Learn how to flatter your figure: Several very important things factor into the perfect dress for you. While you should always keep your personal style in mind, your body plays an crucial part in deciding what you should choose in a dress. Certain elements work for everyone, as long as you are armed with the knowledge of how to flatter your own figure.
    Start shopping online: Even if you don't want to forgo shopping at prom boutiques and trying on racks of dress, doing a little pre-shopping online will let you know what to expect as far as designers, styles, and prices go when you hit the mall.

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  4. fraid added a topic in Wedding Banquet Venues & Catering Ideas   

    Brief Intruction of Homecoming Dresses You Should Know
    Homecoming season is coming, the do you know the history of homecoming? Homecoming games and the parades, dances and parties that go with them date to the earliest days of organized football teams. Colleges began sponsoring homecoming activities not long after the turn of the century. Today, while colleges still celebrate homecoming, homecoming dances and dresses are largely reserved for high-school students. Below we will talk about the short homecoming dresses.

    Types: Depending on whether your homecoming dance is formal or informal, decide whether you need a long or short dress. Typically, homecoming dresses are short party dresses. Popular colors include bright blues, greens and purples. If you choose a longer dress for homecoming, consider opting for a slightly simpler style. Satins and chiffons are seasonally appropriate for homecoming dresses.
    Features: Beading, rosettes and other detailing can make a simple dress shine. If you choose an embellished dress, keep the rest of your outfit a bit more understated. On the other hand, a basic black cocktail dress can allow you to show off amazing jeweled or colorful shoes, great jewelry and more. Since color is popular for homecoming dresses, be sure the color you choose is one of your best.
    Size: Choose a dress that fits your body properly. Look at your shape honestly and accent your best features. If you have an hourglass shape, avoid baby-doll dresses with no shaping and look for something that emphasizes a small waist. Apple-shaped girls should take a good look at those great floaty baby-doll dresses that make the most of good legs and beautiful shoulders. Many manufacturers offer a wider range of sizes, and there are great plus-size homecoming dresses available online or in local shops.
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