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  1. kleeho added a post in a topic Bad confinement lady   

    Oh ... Sorry for your bad experiences ... Had this once too. Very important, that you share this! :)
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  2. kleeho added a post in a topic Latest collection of handbag malaysia   

    Are there any brands you like? I know ... it is very complicated some times. I had this too, when I searched for my ring ... at least I found a great one at https://www.baunat.com/en/engagement ... Never thought it would be possible to find it ONLINE! But hey ... nothing ins impossible :)
    So ... Let me know, which Brands you like, maybe then I have a good advice for you :) Becaus I love my bags too.
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  3. kleeho added a post in a topic home appliance brands ?   

    I LOVE the Samsung Fridges who also gives me fresh and filtered water and even ICE CUBES :) Since I saw it 2 years ago I EVER know, that I will have it ... Now I own it since half year :)
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  4. kleeho added a post in a topic Online Shopping   

    Hello :)
    I love nice blouses, because they fit to every type of jeans which exist (nearly). I often found some in TJMAXX and all the other standard-shops. But if i need a blouse/outfit which is for an important event or something similar i look for example on sites like http://us.escada.com/fashion-blouses. They have lovely dresses/blouses and if i find something which is in reach of my budget, i buy it most times. This happens not often, i am honest. But i love fashion, so some of that blouses have the same attraction to me like diamonds for women has.
    You like any of the blouses? I like the thilo westermann collection, but i have to gain money first for that
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  5. kleeho added a post in a topic which colour-theme should i choose   

    Or do you guys think i could maybe combine both colour-themes?? maybe by choosing the violett-beige theme and only use green decoration-plants?!
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  6. kleeho added a topic in Wedding Decorations   

    which colour-theme should i choose
    hey everyone i'd like to start a little survey
    i cannot decide which colour i should choose for our decoration...
    Selecting between: a light green combined with beige OR a light violett/lilac combined with beige???? both would look so wonderful in my opinion :( so please help me with my choice...
    (tablecloth, chair covers and so on will be white, just decoration would be with a different colour)
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  7. kleeho added a post in a topic Beach Wedding Dresses, Buy Sexy Beach Wedding Gowns Online   

    that dress is so impressing
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  8. kleeho added a topic in Wedding Banquet Venues & Catering Ideas   

    looking for a rentable meadow or park
    Hello everybody,
    I am about to get married next year (one year, 9 days^^) and i am looking for a free area we could rent...
    We have planned to rent a big event-tent for our reception. So that we can plan it and make it exactly look like we want to and determine every detail :) Costs a little more but we saved our money long enough for this day ;) Here you can find one example of how it could look like, if you want to. We didn't choose a special shape until now, because we have't found a place to build it up so far.
    Maybe someone here can help me with that. I like both: a meadow or a park with high trees in it and enough place between them (for the tent)
    I'd be super happy if you'd know a nice area/place (i am flexible, but the best would be somewhere inKL and PJ area ;) )
    please only offer parks or meadows from which you know that there is a possibility to rent them ;)

    Thank you all in advance :)

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  9. kleeho added a topic in Introduce yourselves!   

    Hi guys^^ I am new at this forum ;)
    my wedding will take place in exactly one year and nine days i am exited as if it would be next month ^^ hope to get some helpful tips here and maybe help someone of you too ;)
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