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  1. aktchan added a post in a topic Legend Hotel, KL   

    Hi everyone,

    My mom has some cash vouchers from Regent hotel and wanted to sell with 5% discount. They can be used for restaurants, stores or banquet in Regent hotel. They are the latest vouchers issued by Regent hotel and can be used for wedding banquet. If anyone is interested, please contact me by email and we can discuss more in detail.

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  2. aktchan added a post in a topic Our AD dinner Photos at Renaissance :)   

    Hi Chris,
    I'm thinking to go w/ Renaissance too~
    Can you share your the wedding package w/ me plz? :)
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  3. aktchan added a post in a topic Hotel Banquet Pricing Comparison   

    hi sseahorse,

    Can i have the list too? 3q 3q
    email address: aktchan@hotmail.com

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  4. aktchan added a topic in Hotels   

    Hotel Maya, K.L.

    Anyone has any comment on Hotel Maya? I'm thinking about it but wonder how the food, service, ambience and decor are...

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