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  1. Greetings, The KL and Selangor Endometriosis Association is organising an Endometrioisis Awareness Workshop on the 29th of November 2014. Saturday, 8.30AM to 4PM. Open to the Public, tickets are RM40 per person. Meals provided. Speakers include 2 gynaecologists (medical management, fertility), traditional chinese medicine, yoga instructor and nutritionist. Venue: UTAR PJ campus facebook.com/endomarch.malaysia Contact: Hema / Joleena Tel: 03 - 79582628 ext 8663/8610 03 - 79572818 (direct line) Mobile: 016-2233563 Email: cee@utar.edu.my
  2. There are many fertility centres in the Klang Valley. How does one decide which one to visit? It is important to know as much as possible about the process of fertility testing and treatments available. Next, after shortlisting a few fertility centres, find out all that you can about the centres that you may want to visit. Go to their websites, read the doctors' profiles, read the FAQ sections, etc... Identify what the particular centre is good at, and what their success rates are. There are 2 components which determine whether a fertility centre is excellent or not. First is the team of fertility doctors taking care of you. Second, is the laboratory providing the embryology support, backed by the latest and proven techniques. Alpha Fertility Centre is founded by Dato' Dr Colin Lee, who has over 20 years of experience in fertility work. He has consistently brought in the latest cutting edge IVF technology into Malaysia for the past 2 decades. The latest services available in Alpha include: - Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis, PGD - Time Lapse Embryo Monitoring System - Microsort - scientifically proven sperm gender sorting of up to 82% accurate (tentatively starting January 2015) The team of fertility doctors and staff at Alpha have a proven track record of success and are constantly updating themselves to further improve their pregnancy rates. Kindly visit alphafertillitycentre.com for more information Dr Chong Kuoh Ren, Obgyn/Fertility http://my.linkedin.com/in/drkchong/
  3. Hello, The earliest gestation that an ultrasound scan can confirm a pregnancy is about 5 weeks. This would however be via an internal/pelvic scan which uses a probe in the birth canal. Using high definition scans, the location of the pregnancy can be confirmed, and sometimes a yolk sac can be seen. At 6 weeks, a small fetus can be seen, and possibly the heart beat can be heard. At 7 weeks, the shape of the fetus can be clearly delineated. At 8 weeks, the pregnancy should be seen via an abdominal scan. The safety of doing ultrasound scans especially in early gestation is established. Otherwise the US's FDA would have banned early pregnancy ultrasound many years ago. Other benefits of doing an early scan: 1. Rule out an ectopic pregnancy, especially if associated with pain 2. Diagnose a possible early miscarriage, especially if there's bleeding 3. Confirm the dates of the pregnancy, especially if periods are irregular 4. Determine whether single baby or twins 5. Make sure there are no other pelvic cysts/pathology
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