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  1. Where will spend your honeymoon in winter? I think most of the people prefer not to have their honeymoons in winter since it' very cold. However, a number of couples go to some similar places to spend the honeymoon, why not make some choices which are special and different from others? There are some destinations in China which are good enough to spend honeymoon: 1.Beijing. It is the capital of China, I think many people have heard it before. Beijing has a long long history, so that you can experience the culture there. In winter, all of Beijing becomes festive and full of activity, the streets, parks, and Great Wall turn into wonderlands of snow and frost with families out and about strolling and taking in the beautiful nature. During winter, it's less crowded than other seasons. You can have a good time there. 2.Sanya. If you don't like the cold weather, you can come to Sanya to enjoy the sunshine on the beach freely. The weather is good. 3.Xiling Snow Mountain. It is a national scenic resort which attracts thousands of tourists every year. Xiling Snow Mountain is an ideal destination for your winter break in south China. If you are fond of skiing, it may be a good choice for you. 4.Harbin. The most famous activity in winter there is Harbin Ice Festival, also known as the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival which is listed as the top 4 ice and snow festivals in the world. It begins from January 5 to February 25 every year. You can enjoy the ice and snow world, international snow sculpture art expo, ice lantern art fair, winter swimming watching, ice hotels, dog sledding or safari-style Siberian tigers watching. Come and have fun! 5.Yunnan. It has a warm winter and brings to you the ethnic culture & custom, traditional villages, old towns, vernacular dwellings, primitive forests, the charming snow mountains and the hauntingly beautiful monasteries and temples. All is amazing in Yunnan. That's the best destinations for winter honeymoons I want to show you. If anyone has some better destinations for a winter honeymoon, please kindly show us. Thank you.
  2. Although I haven't had a wedding there, I still believe that honeymoon in Bali is a good choice. It is so romantic to hold a wedding ceremony on the beach when the sea, the beach and the sky join together and comes up the most beautiful view. That's amazing.
  3. Having a pet is really a great thing. I want a pet as baby when I get married.
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