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  1. Denton added a post in a topic Bridal Shop Directory - Kuching / Sarawak   

    Nice! It's really helpful.
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  2. Denton added a post in a topic Recommendation for Bridal Boutique in Negeri Sembilan   

    Thanks for sharing!
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  3. Denton added a post in a topic Rhinoplasty to do in Malaysia or abroad?   

    Do it in Malaysia will be cheaper, but the fact is you should find the surgeon carefully instead of just focusing on the price!! My friend had ever gotten a nose job at Fabulous clinic in Taiwan because she thought that the surgeon of Taiwan had more experience than Malaysia. Her surgeon named Dr.Chiu is famous in Taiwan.
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  4. Denton added a post in a topic Please help   

    Don't bother yourself, you’re perfect.
    But if you really care about it, you can send mails to Dr. Chiu in Kaohsiung.
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