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  1. Hi David Hor, I know that this was ur old post and hopefully u still remember the procedure. 4R full body take wedding picture, do we need to be like standstraight full body picture like the old style wedding photo? or any kind of wedding photo as long as full body take. I have few other question as well as follows:- 1) Proof of income : EPF statement ok ? Or they need photocopy pay-slips (if require, how many months) ? 2) Do I need a witness to be present at Immigresen ? If requires, does it need to be the same person who witness during marriage registration ? 3) Is the commissioner of Oath and Lembaga Hasil that sell RM10 stamp nearby Putrajaya Immigresen ? 4) Visit Immigration after 3 weeks of application, can it be any days after 3 weeks or it was by appointment? 5) After you registered marriage in China, how do you do the registration in China and the social visit pass in China? Kindly share your experience. Thank you very much for your sharing and hopefully I'll get reply soonest possible.
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