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  1. Hi girls, I just want to share my bitter experience at Sunfert. I don't know the general practice of fertility clinic here, but I wanted to share and also be enlightened. Recently, I started a IVF cycle at Sunfert. Unfortunately, my cycle got cancelled before egg retrieval due to poor response. This is fine as I can try next time, but what I didn't understand is its cost calculation. They made me pay the total cost of IVF into several chunks. On each visit to Dr, I was asked to pay and I paid quite a lot already even before egg retrieval. All they did was Dr's ultrasound, hormone med and some injections. There were no lab work involved yet, but what I paid easily exceeded 15,000RM which already include lab work fee etc etc, as they claim. I knew the cost of IVF before I start and that's ok, but what's more problematic is all that is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERRABLE to the next cycle. From my past IVF experience with other clinic abroad in developed countries, they only ask you to pay for the service you've received, so there was no confusion. You pay for drug and injection when you receive them. You pay for egg retrieval on the day they do the process. Not before. And most of them accept refund. I'm not a super rich woman who can throw away that much money for nothing! I just want you to be aware before getting into IVF thing at Sunfert and ask if any refund is possible in case your IVF cycle got cancelled. So that you don't have to feel this bitter after all the emotional roller coaster of going thru IVF. Unless you are super rich woman who just don't care how much you spend on it. Nurses do little explanations about all this cost stuff before you start IVF, so pls get info in details especially if you are new to IVF. Pls don't take anyone take advantage of you when you are already feeling vulnerable suffering from infertility issue. OK. Good luck all!
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