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  1. Is anyone looking for any one stop shop to source for cheap and affordable wedding favors? Look no further than Your Wedding Treats We sell all kinds of wedding gifts and favors at a great price point. .
  2. I think this forum is a good resource for all things to do with weddings, but it needs to be cleaned up from the spam posts. There are so many totally unrelated spam posts in this forum. Hope the management can clean up the forum. Thank you.
  3. Hi all, I hope this is the right place to post this. I just opened an online wedding store, selling wedding gifts and favors at a very low and affordable price. But I am not sure how the user experience is like, so appreciate if anyone can help review my site and let me know what it's lacking. I have a valid payment gateway using Molpay, which you can even pay in cash at 7-11.... My wedding gifts store is http://www.yourweddingtreats.com Honest and constructive critiques welcome! Thanks!
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