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  1. Do you know any Photography Shops in NY, to develop photos, enlarge, etc. ...? Sorry but it is a few days that I moved here to study so I have yet to acclimatize! Thanks! ______________ Corporate Photography Trainings
  2. anyone who has become a wedding planner and has any tips at starting up i would appreciate them. I love to design and as my senior year is here I'm looking into what my options are for my career and since I love to design and I love the idea of weddings I like the idea of becoming a wedding planner very much... dankee:) ------------------------------wedding planner
  3. I've been to several weddings recently that used fruit with just a few flower blooms as the center pieces. One really cool one used red apples and smooth gray river rocks on white table cloths. My cousin did bowls of citrus fruit with a few white flowers tucked in for all the center pieces. You could continue the theme by having fruit flavored candy as the favors. ____________wedding style
  4. I am lacking any bridesmaids or groomsmen. It will you need to be my fiancee, me and our daughter in the wedding. Does anyone have any ideas how we ought to do the ceremony. I was thinking I could let her walk down the aisle before me (the bride), but I am unsure what song to let her walk down too because when it is only her walking by herself? Also where should I've her stand? ________________ Wedding ceremony
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