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    Big Bad Wolf is back with Double Trouble
    You're not getting rid of the Wolf that fast...the world's GREATEST book Sale and the world's BIGGEST poster sale are BOTH still happening at MAEPS, Serdang until 1 February! BRAND NEW BOOKS are hitting the floor EVERY day...even on weekdays!!
    First come, first spend your day snapping up my best titles before anyone else gets to them!! >)
    (Need help finding me? Type "MAEPS" into Waze, or get directions at!)

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  2. susanho added a post in a topic Looking for BOOKS? Big Bad Wolf 2015 is back!   

    From best selling titles to never before seen posters, the world’s greatest book sale and biggest poster sale, will be now combined into one incredible event!! The fun begins at MAEPS Serdang from 23rd January to 1st February 2016, 9am to 11.59pm. Customers will get 5% discount off book purchases with their official credit card sponsor, Hong Leong Bank Credit/Debit Cards. Customers will be able to leave unpaid books at the storage area to go back for more before proceeding to the cashier counter. Food and Beverage outlets will also be seen at the venue.

    Have a taste of low prices and experience this mash up Sale for the very first time!!
    Share the news and make your mates tag along...start your 2016 with a bang with the Wolf!! 

    BookXcess is a Malaysian based book shop which offers a wide variety of brand new English language books: fiction, non-fiction, children’s books and various genres in between, at the cheapest prices. In 2006, the CEOs got fed up of the ridiculous prices of books being offered in Malaysia and started up BookXcess, a small bookstore with a big dream: helping Malaysians kick-start their reading habits. Customers could easily pick any book off their shelves with discounts up to 80% more than other bookstores, living to their tagline: Read More for Less. 

    Back in 2006, BookXcess started off with just 1 outlet at 500 square feet. As of today, BookXcess has 4 outlets at Amcorp Mall Petaling Jaya, Fahrenheit88, SS15 Courtyard Subang and Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur. They have also extended their business online. Check them out at
    BookXcess Online

    But wait, there’s more! BookXcess is also the proud parent store of the world’s biggest book sale, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale! 

    The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is the largest 24 hour Malaysian owned book sale in the world. It is also the largest book charity drive in Malaysia. The Big Bad Wolf's best friend, The Red Readerhood collects 30-40 thousand new books for underprivileged children. 

    Big Bad Wolf started off with only 120 thousand books and now showcases 3.5 million books with more than 150 thousand titles which are not sold in the Malaysian market. The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale began in 2009 at Dataran Hamodal as a warehouse sale by remainder bookstore BookXcess, dealing in various genres from best-sellers and children’s books to specialist titles and deluxe coffee-table tomes. It then shifted to Amcorp Mall in 2010. Since then, it's grown by leaps and bounds. With the amount of books, they had to source for a bigger place for the sales. That’s how they ended up in The Mines Convention Centre, which could accommodate up to 3.5 million books!

    The Wolf is every Malaysian reader's best friend. His mission in life is to bring readers the very best books at the lowest prices. Everyone gets to enjoy 75% - 95% discounts at the Sale. Thousands of Malaysians await anxiously every year to discover the joys of highly affordable, accessible reading. The low prices encourage customers to take a chance on new authors and genres they might never have tried before. For intrepid readers, no two visits to the Sale are ever the same! You will never fail to see customers lining up outside the door every sale with a luggage trolley bag, leaving the premises with boxes stacked up above them.

    Today, the Big Bad Wolf travels from state to state each year with his collection of low-priced books, before returning to the Klang Valley for the main Sale that gets bigger, bolder and “badder” every year! At the moment, it is held in 7 states: Ipoh, Penang, Terengganu, Seremban, Johor, Melaka and Kuala Lumpur. It is also in the midst of expanding out of Malaysia! Whether you’re looking for modern classics, a child’s new library, obscure titles or something completely new and exciting, the Wolf has a book or ten waiting just for you.

    Behind the success is a whole load of process. It takes about 1 year to purchase all the books. 700 people are hired to work in an average of 18 days to run the Big Bad Wolf book sales. Many contests have also been held during the Sales such as “Guess the Lamborghini Contest”,
    trek bike contest and selfie contests with attractive prizes. Interesting events were also held in conjunction with the sale. In the previous sales, there have been goodie bags given out by the radio stations, photo sessions with Cosplayers, circus acts, etc. 

    The customers do not only leave with boxes of books. They are given limited edition custom made bookmarks for every Big Bad Wolf Book Sale based on their theme. They also get rewarded with discount vouchers when they spend above a certain amount.

    The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is not the only biggest book sale, it is also the only remainder book sale to have a publication launch at the sale in Malaysia. Fixi held a book launch and autograph session in 2014.
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