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  1. Hi Teaffani Catering Team, Given special rebate to write testimonial thus we registered this account. We want to say THANKYOU so much for the wedding catering services rendered to us on 20 Feb 2016. It was well organised and all the guests has an amazing time... We were thrilled with our Wedding Day and I cannot tell you how much our guests complimented the great services and scrumptious foods, so all in all - awesome! So pleased we found you, and the set up + venue certainly made for awesome pictures we will treasure forever. I personally, cannot compliment enough the head waiter. He was very clear, listened and gave practical and helpful. You guys are contactable even after working hours to discuss the details prior to my wedding date. We would definitely recommend Teaffani Catering to our friends & families. Keep doing what you are doing. All the best! Cheers,SL & YL
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