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  1. yongjimmy added a post in a topic boy's hobbies   

    haha, to win rm300k, it's oklah to play on mobile, 
    normally most ppl must prefer pc games,
    everyday hv to practice, haha,
    so more easier if use phone also, can play at anywhere.
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  2. yongjimmy added a post in a topic any recommendation for air-cond?   

    hmm, i prefer the R410A model, both got energy saving function and fast  cooling function right?
    but i prefer this model since this one has ion purifier function and i not use air-cond in long hrs.
    so can save some money to buy others furniture 
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  3. yongjimmy added a topic in Setting up Home   

    any recommendation for air-cond?
    going to collect key from developer for my new house next week,
    thinking of buy 3 units of air-cond, 
    any recommendation? which brand is good in rapid cooling?
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