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  1. Hi all, I notice that wedding photography packages these days come with the option to choose either one or two photographers. Can anyone help elaborate on what are the benefits of having two photographers vs. one? The only difference in the wedding package is that with two photographers, you get to have the wedding slideshow at night, if your ceremony is in the morning. However the price difference is almost RM900 - RM1000 just to add an additional photographer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hello there, My wife-to-be is looking for a detachable wedding dress which we have been unable to find in most of the boutiques that we've researched so far. A sample of how it looks like is below: Would anyone here know of any bridal houses or boutiques to recommend which might carry something like that? Our alternative is to tailor one, however, that's seemingly quite expensive. If you know of any reasonably-price tailors to recommend, we're willing to try out too! Based in Penang, but willing to travel to KL just to search if you have solid recommendations. Thanks in advance!
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