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  1. you are lucky, able to get a car when fresh grad, i dont own a car, i take public transport to work, monthly still that cost but i think car, you cant save much also, maintenance, parking, toll, petrol, services, hahahah save from petrol first, get a loyalty card, collect point
  2. seriously? but . do have 3g at my area, just i want 4g at my area, since now every telcom come with 4g
  3. agree with that, as i can see postpaid come with 5gb plan, but they are offering free call, unlimited call why still stick with prepaid???
  4. Actually there is still exist some prepaid telco user, for those who like to saving cost. Myself also a prepaid user, every month rm30 spend on my prepaid plan. Then i will look for some app that can get benefit for prepaid user, end up i found boost top up app Its a quite nice app to purchase top up
  5. Not sure, I think you better read through the T&C. Who knows? keep trying maybe you can win it? lol All the best. XD
  6. Yeah, no idea why. But this is not just a quiz, but a contest that can help you to win up to 200k. Also, it just charge rm1 per day. Then it will be free for 7 days. I also trying for the first 7 days only, after then will stop subscribing. I think your quiz contest is different from this one, as it have to pay for rm1. Then only it free for the first 7 days. But rm1 no harm right? Who knows? maybe the rm1 can help u to win the 200k. Also, the quiz is fun and challenging. As above mentioned grand prize is 200k, others are not sure. But you can check out the link given from my previous comment and go through their t&c. Too long and I didnt read haha, what I want is just to answer the quiz and challenge with my fren. XD
  7. Wow, u seem good in science. I got it from my sis, here is the link... http://bigwin.com.my/quiz/quiz-detail/81/ It's fun as it can collect points. Haha, same to me. I purposely pick up 3 of these question as I can't answer it. haha Already attached the link. Please check. You also can join as the quiz come with rm200k prize, who knows maybe you can win the grand prize 200k.
  8. Hello, sis. Without of google search can you guys answer all of these question? 1) The hardest substance available on earth is? 2) The gas usually filled in the electric bulb is ? 3) Heavy water is?
  9. i guess the 1st dress look nice and sexy for me
  10. i also facing a nose job, but i have no idea where to get fabulous clinic in malaysia
  11. Hi dude,im newbie here too,nice to meet you all
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