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  1. Hey everyone! My brother's getting married this year October and we are organizing a big bachelor's party for him. He has loads of friends and everyone are actually waiting to have a blast at his bachelor's party. We hadn't however, thought of this before, but now that we have prepared the guest list, it has crossed our mind, whether to make a separate invitation card for bachelor's party or not. However, we don't want the expense to go high, so in case we are having a separate invitation card, then we need to keep it real simple. Searching online, I found these kinds of invitation cards. https://www.captainprint.com/images/products/invitations/Invitation Printing.jpg Do you think these would cost more? Would these cards do good for a bachelor party invite? Please share your opinions.
  2. I'm not interested in getting a nose job, but just asking out of curiosity. Is it painful?
  3. Hey all! I'm new here. Hope to get lots of wedding ideas from here.
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