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  1. Hey there. Saw your post but realized it was around 2 years ago. Honestly this is timeless. I can always see your perceptions in almost 70 % of weddings events mostly for Asian. However, for the western it doesn't necessary for them to follow the traditions as now I can see some couples wished to wear neutral colors rather than the preferred ones.
  2. Glad to see you here Nandile. I'm a noob as well and may you find this community useful in your journey to searching ideas.
  3. Hey there. Just joined today and have found a lot of discussions and pretty things in this company. I'm not saying i'm expert about love and marriage but feel free to ask me as you wish to. I may have the best advice you could ever have. Thank you for accepting me here and hope to find some friends here who can also be my future coffee, travelling and shopping buddies.
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