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  1. haha, maybe they like to win, my bf also like that one, now he keep playing the kill & shot legacy games, he said celcom is offered rm300k for the winner.
  2. i also using prepaid, last time i use postpaid, every month got unused data, so i change to prepaid, at least i can control the data i want to buy, only when i want to watch drama online , then i buy more data, now the . has double data, so consider cheaper than postpaid package.
  3. Balik kampung to gather with family chit chat, but quite boring also because not much entertainment at kampung. What we can do is just, chit chat, eat, watching TV and surfing internet with phone. Too bad that I am using prepaid and kampung do not have wifi plus no shop for me to top up.... Have to some reload ticket before balik kampung
  4. depends on how many hrs you use air-cond. if you use more than 5 hrs i would suggest you to buy inverter air-cond.
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