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  1. Hey! Do you think, homemade desserts are a good option for wedding favors? I'm getting married next year June and we were planning about the wedding favor. My aunt suggested we keep some home made desserts as wedding favors. Well, this is a good idea, if your thinking only about the cost. Moreover, the only options in this case would be either homemade chocolates or cup cakes, and I really don't want any of these.Cause these are really very common wedding favors and I want it to be something different. So, what do you suggest, what other favor could be kept? I was however, going through this blog on party favor ideas, I found online. http://www.abbeyroadentertainment.com/blog/party-ideas/5-diy-party-favours-next-party/ I really liked the seedling idea. I mean giving off plants, I'm sure is something different and obviously helpful. Are there any other innovative ideas as such? Please would like to know.
  2. Hey everyone! Just stopped by to say hello. Hope all are doing fine here.
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