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  1. Pearl Baby added a post in a topic prepaid huge quota   

    celcom better?  some place even you have 4G available but you unable to reach it ha
    i did try u-m or DG, bad service, now using celcom feel bit better. 
    using . now.prepaid better, no contract easy to switch plan. and prepaid always got a lot free data
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  2. Pearl Baby added a post in a topic postpaid ?   

    yess it is is not..actually u will get 50% for every reload . i think its really worth it  coz they just simply give u extra data. there are also no restrictions on the additional data so you can use it whenever u want.for me, i u want save ur money btter u just take this plan but if u want more data it is not suit u.
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  3. Pearl Baby added a post in a topic postpaid ?   

    better no choose postpaid, expensive and even the line/signal is very slow. especially living kampung area.
    there is a lot prepaid, go google it out. myself is . enough.
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  4. Pearl Baby added a post in a topic Is it weird for a guy to get a nose job if his nose is too big?   

    go ahead if you feel that really can make your life change. don think on how people look at your. just be yourself.
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