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  1. Meow Lee added a post in a topic Checklist for the newborn and mummies   

    not necessary if really not sure, my first month after birth my small princess is at mommy care center. have a good environment here, and they know how to take care of you and baby...btw good post, thank the host, i learn a lot
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  2. Meow Lee added a post in a topic what kind of food are good for hair?   

    AISHH. eating maggi mee is already unhealthy food, no matter how many slice of onion you added, also can't turn it to health ahahaha. stop dream sis......onion maybe good but ply good to mix with health food.
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  3. Meow Lee added a post in a topic prepaid huge quota   

    my husband and i both use celcom, but his is postpaid. mine using prepaid.
    we both use celcom quite a few years , so far so good. the recently 10gb Instagram is good for us haha
    why make life so trouble.... keep on switch plan . simple choose it and use it , if encounter problem then we can refer to the shop.
    only if they can't resolve it then i will choose to switch , anyway is good too you tried most of it haha
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  4. Meow Lee added a post in a topic postpaid ?   

    There is too much pre/post paid available. you should do more research or visit more outlet to know know more and understand what you need.  no doubt, first choice sure is coverage, check your area coverage is the most basic. Second, data connectivity/signal?, some place even you have a good signal but if there is a building? it could happen like 1 or 2 bar of the signal status for just  stay in level 10 of the building. that is me , using one of the telco last time and have great signal everywhere. but once i change my job and my office was in level 5 ! even only level 5 , it showed signal low and my line is keep dropped when answering calls.Suffer! thirdly i think is the price, just choose the one you feel worth to pay
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