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  1. what's the model of your breast pump? it's PES BPW Free? how much are you selling? mind to send me the photo at rosayee@hotmail.com
  2. is this item still available? any photos?
  3. still available? mind to share the photo of your items? what brand? how much you wants to sell it for?
  4. Hi Angie, Do you still have the stock for this item? or need to wait for the next pre-order? how much is the price & postage to Penang? Thanks :)
  5. Hi All, I'm looking for babysitter at Butterworth area for day care. Anyone has any contacts or recommendations to me?? Thanks.
  6. Hi Mona, Is your cheap diapers still valids? how to order? How does the "Mamypoko Korea Economy - Diapers Tape" and "Huggies Ultra USA (Wriggles Diapers Tape)" looks like? Mind to email me the sample photo at rosayee@hotmail.com? What do you mean by "plain packaging"? Do you still have stock for XL size? What's the maximum weight size for your XL size diapers? Thanks.
  7. Hi ZeroFlower, I'm interested with you car seat. Mind to email me the photo to rosayee@hotmail.com? COD? When you purchase it?
  8. Hi All, I'm looking for babysitter to take care in the day at butterworth area. Anyone has any contacts or would like to recommend to me??? Thanks alot.
  9. hi.. anyone knows any good & loving babysitter at Butterworth, Penang? What is the "market price" for day care now?
  10. Jolie, how much is the Body Shapers that your sister had brought? She brought the full set?
  11. Hi ceetee & YSLee, can you please send me the list/attachments at rosayee@hotmail.com?? Thanks alot.
  12. Hi All, Do anyone knows any good and reasonable Interior Design in Penang? I saw some advertisement that they give free consultation but i'm not sure whether is there any T&C in order to have the free consultation. Anyone had experienced before? Mind to share your experience? Thanks :)
  13. hi all, where can i get "Hakka Braised Pork Belly (Char Yoke) 客家南乳炸猪肉" in penang/prai area? Thanks :)
  14. Hi HotWife & Twinkles, my hubby also tells me the same thing... i end up vomit more and suffer till the 7th months... then I tell my hubby, i won't listen to him anymore... i will listen to my body... my body tells me to eat then eat, else skip... cos most of the time is I force myself to eat eventhough no appetite....
  15. Where are you staying? I am actually selling through friend introduce. YOu can send me email if you are interested. i not yet setup my online store and only will setup in end of the year. please send me email at weilingleong@gmail.com the product you are itnerested and i can give you the quote. Hi, I'm interested in getting Dermalogica Products. How about other brands? Do you have a pricelist? Where are you from? How to I order and get the products from you? I've sent you an email from rosayee@hotmail.com Thanks.
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