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  1. i planned to have honeymoon at lombok,Indonesia.. the sea at there is so beautiful like maldives.. now i'm so excited and looking forward for the honeymoon trip.. any recommend hotel? and also i need a pocket wifi too..what pocket wifi ppl usually use when going to indonesia?
  2. my sister gt use Boost app to top up before, it really work, so dun worry... can also use maybank2u to top up too which one is better??Boost or maybank2u??i never top up online, so need some suggestions.. i saw my friend also got top up online, seems like very convenient, so i want to try too..
  3. why not just top up before go back to kampung??? i never heard that Boost app can top up, is it really can top up??
  4. Wah dude, seriously this chair? i guess the price must be very expensive, but look amazing the chair lar.... U can paid the massage chair in monthly installments.. in aorund rm500++ a month...so u can handle
  5. recently I saw my idol, Eason Chen gt appear in Ogawa commercial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvbV68jNb4k
  6. just hashtag the key word at instagram maybe it will help you to find what u want to find
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