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  1. Anyone went for designer shoes for their wedding day? I'm looking for heels about 4" that are reasonably comfortable. Would love to hear your recommendations. Considering Valentino, Sophia Webster and Jimmy Choo. Sophia Webster, so gorgeous for a garden/outdoor wedding! Valentino, is it too much to go with a lace wedding dress? Jimmy Choo, is it too OTT?? So gorgeous though!!!
  2. After attending weddings these past years, I found a lot of bridal makeup quite matte for my liking. I've always admire a radiant and glowy makeup look over a powdery one. Any recommendations for makeup artists that are good at achieving that dewy, hydrated look?
  3. Korea has been making waves in the beauty and fashion scene. Now bridal as well. They manage to keep things very clean, modern and classic. Something I will definitely consider for my own dressing shopping! Where can I find korean style wedding dress in KL area? Bellow are some photos I saw on instagram.
  4. Check out some beauty shows on youtube! Sometimes they cover wedding and hair topics as well, try Ladies First (Taiwan) if you understand mandarin and Beauty Bible (Korean with English subtitles).
  5. Hey ladies, do you have experience ordering wedding props from Taobao? I haven't try it myself, would love to read all your experience and tips!
  6. In Malaysia there are plenty of plastic surgeons from mainland China that will convince you to do as many procedures as they can. Most of the people I know, did it overseas. It all depends on the style you like, Thai is quite dramatic almost Caucasian style, Taiwan looks pretty natural, Korean style is more feminine and slightly curved shape.
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