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    Seeking for Advise & Opinion on Bridal Place, Melaka
    I came across Bridal Place at Melaka Raya on my last visit to the Heritage City.
    Both me and my fiance is actually still considering to sign a BS package whom will take care of all the necessary, or to find some photographers friends that I have known to shoot for us.
    However, after comparing the price of both options, the cost is more or less the same. After much considering on the preparation timing and my bad temper, Fiance suggested to go for BS.
    So on this unplanned visit, we went into Bridal Place and asked for their packages. It sounds like a very valuable package for us, whereby RM3888 package is having promotion - RM2888 (I can choose the gowns of price RM3888)
    This package inclusive of the below:-
    Pre-wedding Photoshoot
    Indoor: 2 gowns 
    Outdoor: 4 gowns
    Make up

    Photo Album 12' x 18' - 21 pictures 
    Photo Album 8' x 12' - 21 pictures
    (in total both 52 posts)
    24' x 30' OR 18' x 40' Photo with frame x 1 (inclusive of water proof) 
    100 pieces 4R pictures 
    1 piece of 12R picture with frame and water proof

    Wedding Actual Day
    Gown x 1 
    Evening Gown x 2
    Coat / Suit x 2
    Wedding Car decoration
    Flower Bouquet x 1

    Other services included: Actual day wedding slide show, soft copy in DVD, ampoule and eye lashes   

    Would like to ask, if anyone of you here engaged Bridal Place before? How would you rank their services? 
    Although it may be a bit too late to ask, but I hope to have well preparation if anything occur in future arrangement with them :) 
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