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  1. Dear all bride to be! My name is Jasmine and I'd like to start this chain of topic to allow us to share our findings on intimate venues perfect for wedding (with good food of course). I did my wedding ceremony in Europe 2016 and when my family back here in KL insisted for a wedding as well, I'd like to keep it small & intimate. I have asked around my friends who did it in places like Passion Road and Ciao >> but the feedback was NOT good. The environment was apparently stuffy, hot and with arrogant staff and top it with high price. =( Last week I stumbled upon a gem of a restaurant, situated in Sunway. It is not Chinese Food but the Management team there was super nice to accommodate to my inquiries>> Drum roll >> Busaba Thai @ Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. I was happy to see how the cars can literally drive up the entrance for drop off. =) Good for elderly. Although it's a Thai restaurant, I have to say, their ambience is just so tempting! I'm happy my parents are open to not being in a Chinese Restaurant for this event. But if anyone did come across anything similar / interesting please share. oooOo one more thing >> their prices are really really affordable. I was quoted with RM88+ which comes with like 10 dishes + drinks! It seems to be that the value + ambiance is equally good like in Hotel but without the pressure to secure MINIMUM tables. Hope this helps. I am posting some pictures from their website. =)
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