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  1. jennychin added a post in a topic boy's hobbies   

    good idea to join him for the online games,
    better than quarell wth him or ignore him,
    if we wins the games then can use the money for traveling.
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  2. jennychin added a topic in Hobbies and Free Time   

    boy's hobbies
    is all the boy's keen to play games only?
    my bf always play online games and neglected me.
    is that anyone not keen to play games?
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  3. jennychin added a post in a topic prepaid telco user   

    that's y now may ppl has change to prepaid plan, data for prepaid plan cheaper than postpaid,
    if finish the basis data normally i will buy add on, add on for prepaid X also double quota right?
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  4. jennychin added a post in a topic any recommendation for air-cond?   

    what's difference of inverter and non inverter air-cond?
    my house is using a non Inverter York air-cond,
    first time i heard abt the Inverter air-cond,
    but so far i use  the York air-cond, it's quite fast cooling.
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