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  1. lovelygal added a topic in Wedding Favors, Cards, Cakes, and Such   

    People Actually Eat the Cake?
    Do people actually eat the cake during evening reception? Is it only for show? I'm quite picky when it comes to cake, not a fan if its too sweet or rough. Wedding cakes are pricey, I would definitely want my guests to enjoy! 
    Any recommendations for wedding cake bakeries?
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  2. lovelygal added a post in a topic Hair stylist   

    Have you considered doing your own hair? Make sure you practice ahead of time though!
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  3. lovelygal added a post in a topic Korean Style Wedding Dress in KL   

    Pronovias is a European brand, I think to get the look you're talking about, keeping the hair and makeup simple and neat can achieve that. Try Designer Bridal Room, they carry Pronovias
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  4. lovelygal added a post in a topic Flowy, Simple Wedding Dress for Outdoor   

    You can check out Watters, its a US based designer, her WTOO diffusion line focus a lot on simple, effortless dresses. I think they're stocked locally as well.
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