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  1. Hi All, I've read alot about Robina Laminate Flooring at Kota Damansara but can't seem to find any contact/address online. Does anyone have the contact for this? Or any other recommendation? Thanks!
  2. I'm from KL and am planning to have my ceremony in Bukit Tinggi. As me and my future husband are both not religious, we are looking for someone to officiate our ceremony. Am wondering if a commissioner of oaths will be willing to travel to our venue to conduct the ceremony for us. We are willing to do the ROM here first if there is a problem getting the papers signed legally in Bukit Tinggi as it's in Pahang and both our ICs are PJ. Appreciate feedback from anyone with contacts to Commissioner of Oaths that they know are willing to do this. Thanks!
  3. Hi Dolphina, I am looking for a commissioner of oaths to officiate my garden ceremony. I will do an ROM beforehand but just need someone to officiate on the day as we are not religious. Can i get the contact for the Commissioner of oaths u are using? Thanks! I've checked and asked. Indeed, paying RM500 allows you to do ROM outside of JPN. However, for Putrajaya, because they are so busy, they can't provide such services. So, just check with other JPN offices. The only thing is, they will only do it during normal working hours, so weekends/evenings are a "no-go"! So sad... U know what I'm doing? I'm just going to design a nice "certificate of marriage" to be signed on during my ceremony on the beach (yeah, a beach wedding, wohoo!), for "show" only. And the marriage certificate will still be signed in one of the JPN offices lor! What to do? Already arranged for my little beach ceremony with very close friends and family... We managed to get a commissioner of oath to officiate the beach ceremony though, only the certificate is NOT REAL, haha!
  4. Hi Esther, I went to have a look at the Sheraton Subang Poolside area. They are currently doing some renovation on the pool but the garden next to it looks nice. Did u get a quote for it and do you know the capacity? Please share if you do. Thanks!
  5. Hi Zelda, Can u please email me the pics for Villa Daniela? elisedc@gmail.com Is that a ballroom? Also, do u know the capacity for cafe cafe? Thanks lis
  6. Hi Meng, Carcosa is really nice but prices start from 150++ per pax for food only. So i think it's wayyy to expensive. You can also try Rahsia at www.rahsia-kl.com . it's a bungalow restaurant with a small garden in front. Also try the Saujana www.ghmhotels.com or call Jacque Soo at +603 7840 5265. I dont have pricing for ceremony and finger food. Anyone know where the Hideaway is? i cant seem to find it online! Thanks, lis
  7. Hi all, I've been hunting for a bungalow restaurant to fit about 200 ppl in KL and havent been able to find any. I would like somewhere with a small garden. Unfortunately, ciao and citron, and alot of other restaurants in the stonor area are moving out. Anyone has any other ideas? I've checked out the following places as well: 1. the new bon ton 2. top hat 3. passion road Has anyone heard of the bungalow called the Hideaway in the recent issue of Style Weddings Magazine? is it in KL? Appreciate your feedback.
  8. lis

    32 the mansion

    Hi Lil' C! Congratulation on your ROM! Thanks for your reply. Would really appreciate the contact for the mansion. I'm based in KL and have never been there so am looking around for comments and would also like to know the price range. Have not set a date yet but looking at May next year.
  9. lis

    32 the mansion

    Hi everyone, I'm shopping for bungalow-type restaurants for a wedding in penang.. about 200 ppl. I really like 32 the mansion. does anyone have any wedding packages/price range per head or had their wedding there? Would really love some feedback on this.
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