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  1. Everywhere now decorated and designed nicely....You can simply walk into any shopping mall in Bukit Bintang and all are beautifully designed.... Most of the places are completed with Christmas theme month before ald lorr....
  2. Yeh I think that the York Wall Mounted Premium Inverter model is not bad My uncle's house using this He also recommended us to get one when we ask for the brand Erm....I will recommend inverter better ( but depends your usage ) There is another options as I found this Wall Mounted Deluxe R410A model from the same manufacturer also. The inverter model has a hydro purifier that I had never knew b4... It is about when cooling the air but not affect the air humidity so much as well
  3. depends on how many hrs you use air-cond. if you use more than 5 hrs i would suggest you to buy inverter air-cond. why should we buy the inverter one ? i think that's slightly higher in price.... and i think better grab the normal model in term of save cost Hmmm.... Inverter one can save electric mah.....higher in purchasing price....but when we use it frequently can get the cheaper electric bill, if count it can save alot tho We use the AC for long term...( normally more than 5 years )
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