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  1. only bawang putih is good ?not this type of bawang?https://www.facebook.com/myTMgroup/photos/a.167660257257347.1073741828.157024568320916/170449393645100/?type=3
  2. If you want to make your engine better. Service your car on time. Sometimes we dont know when our engine car got problem. Before anything happen better you go and check. Drag longer can make your engine problem. HM also good.HU for an expensive car, I think if u using edy do not change because of price also lower than HU. For me quality also no difference because of the same brand., helix ultra quite pricey.I compare it to other brands, its price slightly high loh.but for quality thumbs up! Shell have many types of engine oil which is hve a different price. Also shell have a lower price for engine oil. But first you need to know before you buy. Which engine oil suitable with your engine car. More expensive engine oil you buy, more quality you get for you engine car. All brands have the same things. Expensive is a good quality for your engine car.
  3. i use both..but i think credit card also good especially when u dont have money even in ur debit card and need to pay for smthing urgent..huhu
  4. Better you buy international brand...coz long lasting and their technology also good..many local brand got problem when use it for 2years above..
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