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  1. Kah mun added a post in a topic Checklist for the newborn and mummies   

    No....for the first six month .... and before you  need to give or try on baby, check with doctor or elder first .
    think is event to reward or free gift given away ba...else the bill drop haha?
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  2. Kah mun added a post in a topic prepaid telco user   

    i'm using this boost top up, at first the service was no that nice , but their customer service very efficient, once youfeedback or complain, they will assist you to resolve the problem. now getting more stable and more user. is a very fast reload way.save and safe

    pm me please~ use my invitation code...i wan free boost credit ~
    the point even no expired date, and can reload anytime or transfer to friend who using prepaid
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