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  1. poiolia added a post in a topic List of Gynaes   

    Hi Everybody :)
    I'm new to this forum and its a great place for imformation.
    I think i'm preggy so now i'm looking for an ob-gyn. however, i'm very confused with the whole process of choosing the right doc. i live in cheras so i'll prefer some ob-gyn who is attached at a nearby hospital. does anyone have any advice on who I can go to? I see alot of comments about HUKM, UMSC and Pantai Bangsar. I think i'll probably be going there. Do you choose the doctor based on where he's attached or the hospital where you will deliver? Do you go to clinic or hospital to check up? Pls help....
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  2. poiolia added a post in a topic Recommendation for Bridal Boutique in Negeri Sembilan   

    Thanks, let us know the size of album, poses and gown total too.
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  3. poiolia added a post in a topic Examples of the The various models of Hot Wedding Dresses 2014?   

    I think wedding dresses should include lace for basic elements, because lace can show women's elegance and charm. I prefer lace wedding gown.
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