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  1. Shopping school formal dress would be a thrilling and also stressful thing for the young girls, there are so many things you should consider, not like buying the normal dress, you should make sure the style and color would be accepted by your school dress code. Here are some suggestions from Formal Shop which would tell you how to choose your formal dresses. Kee an open mind. It is fun to browse together online and see all the latest styles. It will help you get an idea of your daughter’s style preference (and help you set your own biases aside). The danger, however, comes when she picks out the ONE dress that she must have! Window shop as much as you like, but when it comes time to really shop for a dress, keep an open mind and encourage her to try on many different styles. A dress can look completely different on than it does on the model on a website. You both might end up being surprised by what you like. Set your budget. Discuss your budget before you begin dress shopping. You don’t want your daughter to fall in love with a dress that is out of your price range. If your budget is tight she might try borrowing from a friend. Definitely check out the local thrift stores for a great find. Renting a school formal dress is a fairly new trend and a great low cost option worth checking into. When shopping new, most local school formal shops will have a variety of styles for a range of prices. Don’t forget to budget a little extra for shoes and accessories. Allow plenty of time for shopping. It is important to allow plenty of time for your daughter to try on several dresses, narrow down the choices and pick a favorite. You should allow at least one hour per store when dress shopping. She may find the perfect dress right away, but it is more likely that it will be a longer process. Find an open spot in your schedule that allows plenty of time to shop and not feel rushed.
  2. Family wedding in need of gorgeous but not too pouffy flower girl dress for a 6 yr old that's not a fortune of money. Have looked in the usual places online (ie NY Mag wedding guide, the Knot etc.). Any specific store ideas? The places on the upper east side are all so pricey. Have found quite a few online(like formalshop.com.au and promshop.com) but would prefer to try in a store before purchasing.
  3. I am looking for recommendations for places to look for flowergirl dresses in melbourne. I am open to having these made as well - I just don't know any good dressmakers, and thought that it might be cheaper to buy... I have done a few quick searches on the net with no luck. I am having 3 flower girls and was hoping that I could get away with $100-$150max per dress. And found a good place online, called Formalshop.com.au, who knows this website? And bought something from them?
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